Becoming a member

Membership of the Order is by invitation to those who are practising Christians, of good character and standing in their community, and who wish to help suffering humankind.   This invitation usually comes from one of our active members, and often from the leadership at the national or regional level.

Anyone interested in becoming a Member of the Order should contact the nearest Jurisdiction within their home country. Points of contact may be found in the listing of national jurisdictions on this website.  (If there is no Jurisdiction existing in a country, interested persons should contact the marny [at] (Grand Chancery).)

Prospective members must provide a CV, a Baptismal or Confirmation certificate and a letter from the candidate’s priest or church leader attesting to their active participation in their local Church, and must have a favourable personal interview by at least two Knights or Dames of the Order.

Those who wish to proceed with their application should complete an Application Form, which will then be vetted by the Membership Committee of the relevant national jurisdiction and, if approved, will be submitted to the Executive Council of the jurisdiction for their approval.  This will then be submitted to the Grand Magistry and the Grand Master for final approval.  If accepted, the applicant is then invited to join the Order as a postulant and will be invested at the appropriate grade in due course at a national Investiture.

The Investiture, the wearing of the mantle, and the green eight-pointed green cross are more than a ritualistic maintenance of an old tradition; they are symbols of confraternity and dedication to Christianity.