On 28 and 29 July 2023 the German Grand Bailiwick will celebrate the 800th anniversary of the Order in Germany in the city of Gotha with a colourful programme and in the presence of our Grand Master. The Grand Bailiff Chev. Clemens Stroetmann GCLJ cordially invites you to this event.
You can download the programme including the registration form here. You can also register easily at

 In 1223 Landgrave Ludwig IV of Thuringia founded the Hospital of Mary Magdalene in Gotha. Until the Reformation, the Order of St. Lazarus cared for the sick here, in its first commandery on German soil. We commemorate this occasion.

The Order will be organizing an International Pauline Pilgrimage in Malta on the 9th February 2024 [see Acts of the Apostles Chap 28].