Obligations of members

Every person proposed for admission into the Order must be a practising member of the Christian faith.   They shall observe fully and freely the laws and decrees of the Order. Each Postulant must prove that they are of good character and integrity.

All Members must:

  • abide by the Constitution and other by-laws of the Order;
  • obey their senior officers;
  • pay Chancery and annual fees;
  • participate actively, according to their ability, in the hospitaller work for the sick, the disabled, the elderly and all who are in need;
  • support the Order by attendance at as many of its events as possible, such as Investitures, Chapters-General and international meetings;

Members are encouraged to pray daily for the well-being and extension of the Order.

Many of our members attend multiple events annually and see the active social calendar of the Order as an enjoyable benefit of membership.

The pursuit of unity is shown by respecting all Christian denominations represented in the Order and by praying together for true unity. Members form a spiritual family, sharing and helping each other at all times and particularly in times of trouble. Each Member, when admitted to the Order, solemnly undertakes, before God and the assembled congregation, to maintain and defend this code of conduct.