Procession of the Magi - Grand Priory of Italy

On the occasion of the Feast of the Epiphany (6 January), the historical procession of the Magi was held in Milan.

The procession is made up of volunteers, wearing precious period costumes, and commemorates the journey of the Magi, with the final homage paid to the Holy Family.

The route of the procession winds through the streets of the city centre, starting from Piazza del Duomo and arriving at Piazza Sant'Eustorgio (Parish of Sant’Eustorgio), where the Magi pay homage at a living nativity scene.

This year, the organizers also requested the participation of Dames and Knights of the Grand Priory of Italy to cooperate in the security service along the entire procession route.  Dames and Knights arranged themselves along the route carrying out the task assigned to them. The basque beret and the mantle with the eight-pointed green cross made spectators curious as they asked about the Order.

It was also an opportunity to support the charity event "Bread in the Square", organized by the Capuchin Missionary Friars. By distributing blessed bread, contributions were raised for the construction of an industrial bakery in Ethiopia.

The event ended with greetings and thanks from the civil and religious authorities present.

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