Grand Priory of Italy - Investiture ceremony

The Service of Investiture of the Grand Priory of Italy was held on Sunday 8th May 2022, in Varese (very close to Milan) at the Church of S.Stefano and S.Evasio.

Many members of the Grand Priory of Italy, from different regions, attended the Investiture Ceremony and welcomed five Postulants (one Dame and four Knights).

Most appreciated was the presence of Dame OLJ Frosina Pandeva (Priory of North Macedonia) and Knight KCLJ Andreas Mickel (Grand Commandery of Boigny). The AVS OSLJ rescue dog unit, which operates under the Order's Green Cross, was also there with two trained dogs together with their trainers.

After a long time, it was wonderful to get together on this special day and share our chivalric values protected by St. Lazarus and the eight-pointed green cross. A fraternal agape meal ended the day, and we give special thanks to the organizers for their effort.