Grand Bailiwick of Scotland - Easter service

On the evening of Wednesday 5th of April, the Members of the Grand Bailiwick of Scotland gathered at Saint Nicholas United Free Church of Scotland in Broxburn for an Easter Service. This is the first time in many years that the Order has held an Easter Service outside of Edinburgh in the Church of one of our Senior Chaplains.

The service was conducted by the Chaplain General Rev Sandy MacDonald, who welcomed everyone and informed those gathered that due to ill health the Grand Baillie was unable to be with us. He then led the service in prayer.

The Bible reading was taken from Mark chapter 14 verses 32 to 42 and was read by Confrere Craig Stirling -Brown. The Secretary General then led the prayer of Intercession and the address was given by the Minister of the Church and Senior Chaplain of the Order the Rev Colin McAulay. He gave an inspiring address and reminded the congregation of the true meaning of Easter and service for others.

At the close of the service the Secretary General thanked those members of the Bailiwick and Order who had travelled many miles to take part in the service. He thanked the 3 members from Aberdeen who travelled down and Dr the Chevalier David Knox, Secretary and Receiver of the Cumbria Commandery, who travelled up to join the members at the service. He went on to thank the Kirk session for allowing us to use the church for the service, the organist and the ladies who provided a lovely supper of sandwiches and cakes in the hall after the Service.

This was a most enjoyable evening for all who were in attendance.

“We praise God’s Holy Name that as in Adam all die - even so in Christ shall all be made alive.

Christ is risen. He is risen indeed.”