Charitable activity 2022 - Hellenic Grand Priory

During the year, the Grand Priory has continued to support two Institutions by providing items that cover their daily needs:

  • Women's Prisons at Eleonas/Thebes. It is worth mentioning that the prisoners' children up to the age of three live there with their mothers.
  • National Nursery Charity Foundation/Athens with the offer of clothes and toys. The infants hosted range up to 6 years old, most of them abandoned by their families.

On 14/09/2022, the Hellenic Grand Priory offered shopping vouchers from a large food chain to the Charity fund of the Holy Church of Aghios Konstantinos Moschatou/Athens, which maintains the nutrition of 30 needy people on a daily basis. A member of our Priory also offered a new electric kitchen for the preparation of the meals.

For the Holy Days of Christmas, the Hellenic Grand Priory offered for the Christmas Market of the Charitable Association “Αγκαλιά” (“Hug”) - Centre for Mother & Child Care, a great number of women's clothing and accessories, handmade baby blankets, ecological gift sets and books.

On the occasion of International Volunteer Day – December 5th, AXION Hellas, a Charitable Organization which offers services to society, especially to the vulnerable groups living in inaccessible areas of the Greek islands and the Greek mainland, highlighted the constant contribution of our member, plastic and reconstructive surgeon, Chev. Dr. Charilaos Ioannidis, KCLJ, MD, DMD, PhD, who is one of the founding members of the organization.

Continuing its regular charity activity, the Hellenic Grand Priory offered to the Community Pharmacy of Vyron Municipality (in the greater Athens Area) a number of antihypertensive, neurological and antilipidemic medicines for needy patients.