As an ecumenical Christian Order of Chivalry, membership of the Order of Saint Lazarus is by invitation-only to both men and women who are practicing and committed Christians, are of good character and standing in their community, and who wish to help suffering mankind. This invitation usually comes from one of our active members, and often, from the leadership at the national or regional level. Interested prospective members must provide a personal CV, and have a favorable personal interview by at least two Knights or Dames of the Order. Those who still wish to continue will then complete detailed application forms, which are then vetted by the Membership Council of the respective national jurisdiction. Should the applicant win approval, both by the proper jurisdictions Council, and subsequently by the Magistry and the Grand Master, the applicant is then invited to join the order as a postulant, and will be invested at the grade of Member (MLJ)  or Officer (OLJ) in due course.

The MHOSLJ is a Christian Order of Chivalry, and some written evidence of an applicants Christian commitment will be required. Applicants are required to provide a Baptismal or Confirmation certificate, and a confirming letter from the candidates priest or church attesting to the candidates active participation in both The Church and in Christian Faith.

The Orders central purpose is and historically has been its strong dedication to charitable works. Members are both required to donate both time and money to the Orders works. Besides the annual oblation to the Members jurisdiction, additional costs can include charity assessments voted by the membership of local subjurisdictions in support of local charities, national dues assessed annually for the administration of the Order, and the optional cost of attending functions at local, national and international events. Additionally, there are one-time passage and insignia fees assessed for postulants being invested into the Order, and for Members achieving promotion.

Regarding attendance at meetings, Members are expected to attend at least one meeting each year. This can be a local, national or international event. Many of our members attend multiple events annually, and they see the active social calendar of the Order as an enjoyable benefit of belonging to a prestigious, ancient and noble Order.

It should be noted that the Order of Saint Lazarus is truly noble in that 100% of all its charitable donations go to charity. Most of the Orders administration is accomplished by its Members who volunteer their times and skills, and resources . all in the spirit of preserving the Orders money for its charitable aims and obligations. So, charity given to the Order in every way truly goes to Charity.

As a military Order, Saint Lazarus has a rank structure that conforms with European chivalric custom, and decorations (medals) to note service or achievement. All promotions require approval of the Grand Master. Promotions are won by achievement. This means that active, involved Members enjoy promotions up through the ranks, with the ultimate achievement of Knighthood or Dame as an honor bestowed by the Order upon those who selflessly serve Christendom. Besides promotions, members may also be decorated for achievement or merit.

There are non-Christians, especially those of the Jewish and Moslem faiths, who support the aims and good works of the Order. Such members may be granted associated membership, and even promotion, through the ranks of merit that parallel the active rank structure of the Order in conformance with European chivalric custom and tradition. It should be noted here that the Order.s clinics and hospitals are open to all, without question or reservation, in the spirit of Christian charity.

Membership in the Order is truly a lifelong commitment, and should not be taken lightly. We are a working Order, and we have many things to accomplish. If you are still interested in taking up the Cross of Saint Lazarus, the Constitution of the Order requires that you join through your own national jurisdiction; that is, the national .unit. hosted by your country of citizenship (i.e., a French citizen would be required to join through the Grand Priory of France). Members not resident in their home countries would still join through their home jurisdictions. Points of contact may be found in the listing of national jurisdictions found elsewhere in this section.

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