His Holiness Pope Francis appointed His Rev. Excellency D. Francisco José Senra Coelho, Senior Chaplain of our Grand Priory in Portugal (SChLJ) as Bishop Assistant of the Archdiocese of Braga with the title of Bishop of Plestia.

D. Francisco José Senra Coelho, SChlJ Senior Chaplain of the Grand Priory of the Military and Hospitaler Order of Saint Lazarus is also a Magistral Chaplain of The Portuguese Assembly of The Sovereign Military Order of Malta, a Chaplain of the Order of Our Lady of Vila Viçosa, a Chaplain of the Constatinian Order of Saint George (Royal House of Two Sicily’s) etc. Or Grand Priory has now two Bishops among the Chaplains.
This nomination is a reason of great joy to all the Knights and Dames of our Grand Priory in Portugal, we congratulate D. Francisco José Senra Coelho for his recent appointment at the Archdiocese of Braga.

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