On behalf of the St.Lazarus order of Jerusalem Priory of North Macedonia, I have the sorrowful duty of announcing the passing of our Spiritual Protector Monsignor Antun Cerimotic, SChLJ , on Wednesday October 28th, in the year of our Lord 2020. He entered God’s presence after long fight for his health. His memorial service with his family and close friends has taken place on Thursday October 29th of 2020.

Monsinor Cerimotic personified Knighthood by living his life by the code of Catholic Church. For many years he was dedicated to the growth, organization and structuration of the Military and Hospitaller Order of Saint Lazarus of Jerusalem in general, and the Priory of Macedonia in particular.

He also worked for the Order on an international level. The present success of our Priory is for a big part his work.

Through his tireless devotion to the Order we have lost one of the founding father of the Order in Macedonia. In honor of this great man and his achievements, it is up to us to perpetuate his memory across the spans of time.

Respectfully submitted on November 5th 2020

Chevalier Gjoko Dinev, KCLJ
Prior of N.Macedonia

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