On April 21st the Grand Master Emeritus, HRH Don Francisco de Borbón y Escasany, Duque of Seville, and the Commander of the Hereditary Commandery of Rurich, Count Benedikt von Eckbrecht Dürckheim-Montmartin, KCLJ-J, visited Saint Anne’s school Rayak. This town is at the north border of Lebanon with Syria and the school occupies an old French air force base from the 1930s. German members of our Order have financed the construction of exterior corridors, aluminum window frames, bathrooms and a kitchen in the school.

Melkite Fr. Johnny took them to a refugee camp afterwards to visit the refugees. Most of the children who live on the camp site attend Saint Anne’s school.

That same afternoon they visited the Spiritual Protector of the Order, the Greek Melkite Patriarch, His Beatitude Youssef Absi, at his residence in the north part of Beirut. He was especially interested in the Hospitaller work that has been accomplished lately as well as the history and development of the Order over the years.

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