On 4 September 2018, a charity concert organized by the Military and Hospitaller Order of Saint Lazarus of Jerusalem Hungary and the Hungarian Defense Forces Health Center, Military Hospital for Hungarian Cardiac Surgery Foundation was held at the Stefania Palace-Military Cultural Center. The wife of the first Prime Minister of the democratically-elected Hungarian government, József Antall, and Countess Éva Nyáry, Emeritus Grand Prior, were both present.

At the opening ceremony Sándor Pellek MD, PhD, KLJ, professional lieutenant colonel of the Hungarian Defence Forces Health Center Budapest, head of the thoracic surgery division, and  Grand Prior of Hungary stated that this concert is the first common cultural event in support of the Foundation. The Commander of the Military Hospital, Major General István Kun-Szabó, immediately joined the initiative, and as a result, the pioneering cultural agreement between the two organizations was established. The involvement of the Order of St Lazarus will demonstarte especially the honesty, loyalty, charity, service and courtesy of our younger members.

Next, Dr. István Kopcsó, Brigadier General Physician, the Chief of Health of the Hungarian Defense Forces expressed his pleasure that the charity was able to support the noble goals of the Hungarian Heart Disease Society.

Finally, the Chairman of the Board of the Hungarian Cardiac Surgery Foundation presented the Foundation's main goal: to send young cardiac surgeons to medical centers with outstanding professional prestige, so thta thye will eventually be able to work with a higher level of knowledge in the development of Hungarian cardiac surgery.

After that, the Grassalkovich Quartet, composed of members of the Suzuki Children's Orchestra, named after King Miklós Király, performed.  Then members of the Budapest Festival Orchestra entertained the audience, before Sándor Pellek, Grand Prior of Hungary, the cooperating organizations and the artists were presented with a unique Grand Priory Medal for the occasion.

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