The Western Cape Commandery of the Grand Bailiwick of South Africa recently held a Vigil and Investiture Service at St Michaels and All Saints, Observatory, Cape Town.

The theme of the sermon during the Friday evening’s Vigil was the obligation of members of our Order in this country to build on the lessons learned during a very recent Pilgrimage of Prayer, visiting and praying in a wide range of churches representing a cross-section of Christian expression in the city.

“As an Order, our journey is taking us beyond our initial scope of service and we are evolving into new areas of learning to work with other Christians for ‘the relief of the needs of men and women’, said Anthony Lister CLJ, pastor for the service.  “Our membership is growing and the profile changing.  These are good tidings, as they will help keep our Order alive.  To modify our journey metaphor slightly; a stream which ceases to flow becomes stagnant and useless.  Without fresh water pouring in, without new ideas, projects, areas in which to work and new people, so too would our Order die.”

As a continuum of the new form in our Vigils, the Service was expanded to include an Act of Rededication for attending members of the Commandery.

At the Investiture Service the following day, Grand Bailiff, Dame Tamra Capstick Dale DCLJ, inducted three women and one man as Associates, three Associates were promoted to Members, one member was invested as an officer of the Order, one promoted to Commander and Commander Cherry Armstrong was promoted to Dame. The Western Cape Commander was promoted OMLJ. One bronze and two silver Medals of Merit were awarded to persons outside the Order for outstanding work in support of our cause and importantly, eight Commandery Certificates were awarded to persons outside the Order who assisted in the success of a recent Pilgrimage and two Bailiwick Certificates were awarded to civil society women for exceptional humanitarian work in marginalized communities.

The Investiture Service was followed by the Commandery’s traditional formal dinner.

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