At Easter, the members of the Grand Priory of Italy were mindful of the needy, the suffering and the little ones. The Dames and Knights of the Grand Priory distributed Easter doves to them as a sign of solidarity and friendship. The colomba di Pasqua, or “Easter dove” is recognised across Italy as a sign of spring and is Easter’s counterpart to the Christmastime panettone and pandoro.

The attached photos illustrate the donation made at the home for the relief of suffering located in S.Giovanni Rotondo (Foggia - Puglia). This important and advanced Hospital (health facility) was created and inaugurated in 1956 by Saint Pio of Petralcina, thanks above all to the contributions of the faithful.

During last March local Authorities asked for help of the Civil Protection Dog Squad Unit (A.V.S.OSLJ), which operates under the sign of the eight- pointed green cross of the Order, to research two missing persons.

The Dog Squad Unit was engaged in two cases. The first event happened in Morengo (near to Bergamo) where a 52 year old man disappeared while the second in Cisliano (near to Milano) where another 82 year old man went missing.

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In early March in the days leading up to a looming national lockdown caused by the global Corona virus pandemic, the Western Cape Commandery of the Order handed over a large donation of much needed bedding, curtains and towels to the Board of iKhaya Loxolo Lase in Gugulethu.

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An iBreastExam (iBE) pilot project was launched in 2018 by a charity called Women in Need (WIN) in the Indian rural district of Wardha where no such screening programs have previously been conducted. The project is supported by the Grand Commandery of the Castello (GCC), a jurisdiction of the Military and Hospitaller Order of St Lazarus of Jerusalem, based in Mensija, San Gwann.

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