A few weeks ago, we distributed and published a description of how to manufacture a protective hood for nursing staff and emergency medical workers against a corona virus infection, on the initiative of our hospitaller, Confrere Prof. Dr. Joachim Gardemann. Prof. Gardemann is the director of the center of excellence for humanitarian aid at the "University of Applied Sciences" in Münster and has great experience in international humanitarian aid.

The volunteers of the CoroNO-team wrote the document with drawings and measurements in German and at the same time had an international version created in English using a "native translator". The description was prepared by the authors for publication so that it can be viewed on the publicly accessible Internet pages of the Order and made available for free download.

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The Order of St. Lazarus in Sweden has for several years supported the Fountain House Foundation, an organization which helps individuals suffering from mental illness.

The core concept of the Fountain House Foundation is to identify and improve the mentally sound qualities of individuals suffering from mental illness and try to heal them through work in the community. The members participate voluntarily in the activities of the foundation and contribute according to their own ability. The aim is to break their social isolation, structure their daily lives, provide them with the opportunity to work with meaningful tasks; important aspects which ultimately make the members part of the community and strengthen their self-esteem. All kinds of tasks are included in the daily operations of the Fountain House Foundation and they are carried out by the members themselves. These are chores such as cooking, cleaning and running the reception etc. Membership of the foundation is voluntary and free.

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A solemn ceremony entitled The Day of Gratefulness took place on 28 June in Madesimo (very close to Sondrio, Lombardia Region) The event was promoted and organized by the Grand Priory of Italy. The population of neighbouring municipalities also participated, and the significant presence of local, civil, military and religious authorities was greatly appreciated.

It was an important and historic event, with the aim of expressing deep and heartfelt thanks to those European and non-European countries that, in the worst period of the pandemic of COVID-19, provided logistic-operating and sanitary support to the Italian nation.

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The St. Lazarus Hereditary Commandery of Rurich e.V. bought around 20.000 hospital face masks and donated 50% of them to people in need in Germany, Italy and Spain at the beginning of April. These masks mainly went to childrens’ hospitals and institutions for the elderly.

The other 50% are still available for whenever they may be needed.

The Grand Priory of the Maltese Islands created an comprehensive report about their activties which can be found at the download section.

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