Covid-19 report from the Grand Bailiwick of the Netherlands, September 2020

We have started a project “ let’s do it together”.
It is a wristband and we want to sell it for € 2,50 per piece, exclusive shipping cost.
We hope that a lot of people will buy this and we count on many Jurisdictions to place an order.
We will donate € 2,00 pro sold wristband to “ covered bed for multi serious disabled people”.

We all know how difficult it is to stay home, to keep distance. We are glad that we have a have a little space to come and go as we please. These people, those kids and adults, have nothing, they have every day a lock down! And in Covid time still more, no visits, no activity whatsoever.
Let us give these children and adults also a little a sense of freedom. Let's do it together, give a smile and buy one wristband - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Another project
The Colombia food aid project is initiated by the son (Willem) of one of our commanders Corien van Dorp. Colombia, like everywhere else, suffers from Covid- 19 and is in a lock down. There is a lot of poverty in Colombia, especially in and around the city of Medellin in the slums. There are entire neighbourhoods there that fall outside the administration of the city and therefore also outside all the help that is offered. Hunger and poverty are great, so along with the charity institution San Luis we give them food to survive. In one district 25000 people live, and 15000 of them are hungry.
For example Willem has provided 4 days food for 2000 people.
Donations are welcome.

Close by home
In the Netherlands most of our members take care of one or more family members who have an illness and or are older. As example : My brother is mentally disabled and lives in an apartment and that is with the guidance of professionals. In the most difficult time of corona, he and the others who live there are tied to their house and the support only comes in once a day, with a mouth mask.
In his case it means that he has no day activities and then the only thing he does is watch television for children’s cartoons. So I have arranged that he can come over to me for two months.
And that means care for almost 24 hours a day. And so as I said it is just one example of what our members do. There are members who take care of family in the same way, 24 hours taking care and that means that those members, adapt their lives to those where they care, whom they guide.
And almost all of our members take care for their neighbours, the older one or those who are alone or ill. Looking after them and shopping for them, making contact by phone, walking with their dog or bring them a warm cup of homemade soup.
And sometimes nearby is a little further even in this small country.

Donations use the bank account: NL75RBRB0778234339 from Help Bewust
If there any question send a email to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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