This is a short update on the activities from the Priory of Norway.

As you know -the Priory of Norway is a rather small Priory compared with other jurisdictions I Europa. Both in square areas and number of members. However- we have a strong and dedicated body of members who contribute with their time and effort in different ways.

The Priory consists of 3 different Commanderies:

St. Laurentzius - Oslo
St. Sunniva -Bergen
St. Eystein – Trondheim

As at March 2020 – the Headquarters of the Priory of Norway is now situated in Trondheim. This was the wish of our Prior Emeritus Tom Martinsen who wanted the Order more closely connected to our national Cathedral – Nidarosdomen.

Nidaros Cathedral is the cathedral of the Church of Norway located in the city of Trondheim in Trøndelag county. It is built over the burial site of King Olav II (c. 995–1030, reigned 1015–1028), who became the patron saint of the nation, and is the traditional location for the consecration of new kings of Norway. It was built over a 230-year period, from 1070 to 1300 when it was substantially completed. However additional work, additions and renovations have continued intermittently since then; the most recent changes were completed in 2001.

At Nidaros Pilgrim Centre you are warmly welcomed by hosts. Some of the are St. Lazarus brothers. Here you get the last stamp in the passport, The Olav's letter and a pilgrimage mark which gives free entrance to the cathedral. Nidaros pilgrim centre is also the information centre for the St. Olavs Way - Pilegrimsleden to Trondheim.

The Commandery of St. Eystein is very much involved – and strongly supported by the Priory - in this work as hosts for Pilgrims reaching Trondheim. The Pilgrims comes from all over the world and it will take each pilgrim 32-34 days of walking from Oslo to Trondheim. St. Lazarus hosts will welcome them on the arrival.

Due to the Covid 19 pandemic- our St. Lazarus hosts have not been that active this year as last year. This is since the number of pilgrims decreased in numbers due to the same fact. However – we had a little group of brothers very much dedicated in this work despite the situation.

Unfortunately – the Covid 19 pandemic has a very bad impact on projects and activity within the Priory of Norway. All planned social and project activity -including planned Investitures- have been cancelled as advised both from national health authorities and from our Order.

Nevertheless -the planning activity is active. Within the St. Laurentzius Commandry- the book project of collecting and distribution of books for kindergartens of Oslo (North/East district) is still going strong. The same goes for The Linderud Mansion project. This is an estate under the umbrella of the Akershus Museum. Like most museum projects containing historic buildings, there is always a desperate shortage of funds for maintenance of buildings and surroundings. The Priory is currently involved in restoring the cast iron gates and entrance to the museum. Plans and contacts are kept updated.

Within the St. Eysteinn commandry -the Order will also plan and assist the Salvation Army as guides during the Christmas collection for the needy persons in the area.

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