Since the beginning of the pandemic the Prior of Portugal keeps on making contacts to all the Members of the Order in Portugal by regular written communications send by e-mail by the Portuguese Chancellor providing all the information about the actions of the Order, either in Portugal and in other countries as we obtain them, and also contributing to maintain the necessary calm and serenity, trying to transmit the emotional support to all and reminding them that we’re all on this together and no one is alone.

Also our first Chaplain in Portugal keeps contacting all the Members namely by a video communication on the Easter that was send to all the Portuguese Confreres and Consoeurs.

In parallel with permanent contact initiatives by the Prior of Portugal and the Chancellor of Portugal, our Order has already contributed with hundred individual, social, fabric and reusable protective masks, donated to the professionals of the Old and Retirement People Home «Associação Reformado e Idoso Vila Nova de Milfontes», after the organized fundraising.

Also our Order in Portugal had already celebrated a protocol with the Diversified Robotics Nucleus (NErD) of the University of Aveiro, on the North-Center of Portugal that fabricated dozens of individual protection visors that was also donated to the same Old and Retirement People Home. And together we’ll keep on doing it.

We continue to work in our dimension to offer the best possible help, namely to health professionals who struggle with a lack of protective material.

The Prior, the Chancellor of Portugal and the rest of the government of our Order in Portugal, as our first Chaplain are constantly in contact and working together in addition of maintaining our
Order cohesive through multiple communications and constant information to all our Members.

Wishing you the continuing of good health and keeping safe,

Let us pray to St. Lazarus and the Virgin Mary to intercede with the Lord and protect us all.

Atavis et Armis

Luís Soveral Varella, Barão de Arêde Prior de Portugal

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