A solemn ceremony entitled The Day of Gratefulness took place on 28 June in Madesimo (very close to Sondrio, Lombardia Region) The event was promoted and organized by the Grand Priory of Italy. The population of neighbouring municipalities also participated, and the significant presence of local, civil, military and religious authorities was greatly appreciated.

It was an important and historic event, with the aim of expressing deep and heartfelt thanks to those European and non-European countries that, in the worst period of the pandemic of COVID-19, provided logistic-operating and sanitary support to the Italian nation.

Amongst those present were the Consuls and Representatives of the nations involved, a large delegation of the Grand Priory of Italy of the Military and Hospitaller Order of St Lazarus of Jerusalem, a delegation of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta (SMOM) and (CISOM), together with members of the Catholic Church and the Orthodox community.

A Holy Mass was celebrated followed by a convivial moment (agape) during which the Grand Prior of Italy H.E. GCLJ Gen Carabinieri (c ) Dr. Basilio Viola handed over the commemorative certificates.

This splendid and memorable day concluded with a religious service celebrated by representatives of different religions, in front of the renowned giant statue of our Lady of Europe at Alpe Motta (2,050 metres).

Videos of the day are available for viewing at the following links:

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