The Grand Bailiwick of the Czech Republic is actively taking part in fighting against the COVID-19 pandemic. Under these circumstances, the following charitable activities are being undertaken through its members and members of merit:

On the 15th of March H. E. The Chev. Ing. Ondřej M. Farka KCLJ, Grand Bailiff announced the establishment of a charity collection to support the fight against the pandemic COVID 19. At the end of March the collected sum numbered approx. 2 200,- USD. The Order has used the resources for the acquisition of medical equipment which has been distributed to hospitals, hospices, etc.


Information leaflet about the announced collection on a church notice board in the center of Prague.



The Czech Jurisdiction has purchased 1 100 face masks made of nano-fibre from the public collection. The face masks were secured by cfr. Bc. Milan Volf, OLJ and will be distributed to places in need in the coming days.


The Czech Jurisdiction has purchased medical equipment (400 face masks, sanitizing gels, medication) which was delivered to the medical staff.


The Order has also established cooperation with private subjects. The picture captures the delivery of 50 face masks made by tailor’s shop MANEMO in Prague.


Members of all commanderies of the czech jurisdiction are actively involved in charitable activities.


Brno commandery has cooperated with local organizations resulting in sewing and distributing face masks (presently 4 800 pieces).

Commandery of Saint Zdislava has secured delivery of 1 100 face masks. The members are sewing face masks which will be donated to places in need.


Csr. MUDr. Andrea Kunschová, MLJ from Pilsen Commandery is sewing face masks which are distributed to a hospital in Pilsen. So far she has created 110 pieces.


Cfr. Mgr. Lukáš Vytlačil, MLJ is receiving the face masks from JD tailor’s shop in Prague, the delivery of which was secured by Vladimír Karbusický, MMLJ.


Handover of 204 face masks from JD tailor’s shop in Prague which were given to hospice Štrasburg and to the palliative ward of the hospital of the Merciful Sisters of Saint Karel Boromejský. Both facilities closely cooperate with the Czech jurisdiction.


Delivery of 50 face masks to a Prague hospital, which were made by Mgr. Vojtěch Měřička, ChLJ and his wife Jana Měřičková.



The leadership of hospice Štasburk is receiving face masks from our jurisdiction.


Every day the posts about our activities are multiplying on the Facebook and Instagram profiles of the Czech Jurisdiction.

On the 2nd of April 2020 an on-line ecumenical church service was held on the Czech jurisdiction Facebook profile.

Grand Baliwick of the Czech Republic also continues in preparations of the planned International Pilgrimage 2021 to Velehrad.

On the behalf of Grand Baliwick of the Czech Republic I wish the governance of the Order together with all its members good health, patience, and strength in these difficult times.

Chev. Ing. Ondřej M. Farka, KCLJ
Grand Bailiff
Grand Bailiwick of the Czech Republic

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