When a devastating earthquake struck Haiti an appeal went out from the Grand Prior to the members of the Order of St. Lazarus - Grand Priory Of Canada to help in the Haitian relief effort. Members of the Order responded with their typical generosity.

Based on the advice of the Government of Canada, the money was then sent to the Humanitarian Coalition for Haiti. The Order tracked the charitable donation to ensure it was used for its intended purpose. The Order's donation was directed towards water, sanitation and hygiene. Hygiene being key to fighting the spread of diseases and helping families stay healthy.

It is truly amazing how far a charitable donation can stretch. The Order’s donation helped deliver water, sanitation and hygiene services to 51 relief camps. The Order’s contribution helped in the construction 1,027 latrines, 89 hand-washing stations, 342 showers, and started 32 children’s clubs and 33 mother’s clubs to promote hygiene.


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