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  • Humanitarian

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Cristina was 44 years old, she was devoted to the Order and participated in several activities and events in Marbella and Madrid. She was a brilliant student and entrepreneur who developed her own catering business. She loved animals and inherited a powerful artistic vein from her mother, Her Excellency Beatrice von Hardenberg zu Fürstenberg.

Her family members highlighted her virtues and remembered her on social media. Her brother wrote “she was too sensible for this world”, her older sister, Olivia de Borbón von Hardenberg wrote “when you entered a room you would light it up with your smile and kindness”.

The funeral will be held on March 19 at 8:30 p.m. at the Monastery of Santo Domingo el Real, on Claudio Coello Street No. 112 in Madrid (Spain).

Atavis et Armis

Edward B. White, GCLJ
Grand Commander

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