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In conjunction with the Ecclesiastical Grand Prior and the Grand Chancellor, we have put together an extra newsletter of prayers, thoughts and practical advice, which we hope members will find helpful.

It can be found in the download area here.

Dear Confreres and Sisters in MHOSLJ,

I am the General of the Carabinieri (c) Basilio VIOLA, Grand Prior of Italy of the MHOSLJ-GCLJ and I am going to inform you with
this e-mail of mine on what is happening in my beloved country.

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This 340 page full color hardcover book brings to life the insignia, decorations, commemorative medals, uniforms, heraldry, flags, and history of the Order of Saint Lazarus.
The Second Edition adds over 100 pages of new material.
Written to answer all of your questions about the Order, the book visually displays all of the information in the current Regulations and Statutes of the Order. This reference work shows you what to wear, and how to wear it. And with a new section on dress events, the book shows you how to dress properly for every order of dress, for every kind of event, at every hour of the day.

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Your Beatitude, Your Excellencies, Dear Brothers and Sisters of the Military and Hospital Order of Saint Lazarus of Jerusalem

As the coronavirus pandemic progresses, I urge you to remain firm in faith, firm in hope and active in charity.
As citizens, we are invited to take every sensible precaution by the health and political authorities, to avoid the risk of contagion.
As Christians, we are also called to read the Covid 19 epidemic in the "light of the Gospel" and to intensify our prayers. Intensifying prayers also means knowing better the face of God to whom prayers are addressed. The God we Christians believe in is a Father rich in mercy who takes care of every child, who is close to ev

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Dear Brothers and Sisters in Saint Lazarus,
While we prepare to celebrate Christmas and remember the coming of Jesus, the only Saviour of the world, Advent helps us create a mood for the arrival of salvation, a conveyor for consolation full of lasting happiness.

During these difficult times in which we live, with an uncertainty about the future, full of restlessness in the face of widespread social insecurity, we need Christ to fulfill the many expectations of justice, before the Lord. He will judge us by the love we show to others, and we cannot live a frantic and banal life full of dissipations that distract us and fill us with alienating evasions, of sterile actions and useless discussions.

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