Sancti Lazari Ordinis Academia Internationalis - first call for the Academy’s Regular Membership

Following the Academic Meeting held in Malta last February, the Board of Directors of the International Academy of the Order of Saint Lazarus is launching its first call for Regular Membership.

The objectives of the Academy include the promotion of historical knowledge related to the Military and Hospitaller Order of Saint Lazarus of Jerusalem, and other related Crusader and orders of chivalry.  Historical research of the Academy may relate to the hierarchy, traditions, their laws and ancient history, as well as their relations with Christian Churches.

The Academy is based in Malta, and is a registered NGO [VO/1969].

According to our International Academy’s Statute, there will be three classes of members: Regular Members, Corresponding Members and Honorary Members.

This current call is for Regular Membership. These are those who fulfil the conditions provided for in the present Articles of Association; they have voting rights at general meetings; they can be members of the Board of Directors; and they pay to the Academy the subscription provided for by the present Articles of Association. The Regular Membership shall be limited to members of the Military and Hospitaller Order of Saint Lazarus of Jerusalem.

Further details and an application form may be downloaded here.

Acta Historiae Sancti Lazari Ordinis – Volume 6

The Academy has recently published its sixth volume. Edited by Prof Charles Savona-Ventura, Prof Horatio C.R. Vella, and Prof Michael Ross, and published in English, this volume contains some of the papers presented during the international academic meeting last February.

Find out more here.