Ordo Sancti Lazari - A Continuation

Members may recall that a couple of years ago  Chev. Dr. Bernard Juby KLJ-J, SMLJ, CMLJ, (Hon) FHS, published Ordo Sancti Lazari - A Continuation, a compendium showing the Arms of more than 600 members of our Order who have received a Grant of Arms. It is a most interesting work, the availability of which, with the concurrence of our Grand Officer of Arms, should be communicated to our members world-wide. It also contains a most informative section related to heraldry within the Order since our inception.

 A printed version of the work may be acquired from www.lulu.com at a price of £50 GBP. A digital version is available directly from Chev. Juby, bjuby [at] wanadoo.fr at a price of £20 GBP. As part of Chev. Juby’s charitable initiatives, proceeds from this publication support research into malignant melanoma via Cancer Research, London, UK.