Grand Priory of Italy - self-defence seminar

GCLJ Gen Basilio Viola, Grand Prior of Italy, writes:

“We read every day about violence suffered by women, children and men, perpetrated by violent people lacking morality. One of the many evils that plagues our society, the whole world, and invalidates our personal freedom.” 

Members of the Grand Priory of Italy, who have always been concerned about these issues, were involved in the self-defence seminar, organized by the CSEN Centre, in Milan on October 7.

During the various stages of the meeting, the Grand Prior of Italy H.E. GCLJ Gen. Basilio Viola, spoke bringing testimonies and experiences gained during his years of service in the Carabinieri Corps, as well as demonstrations of the application of self-defence techniques.  His speech was greatly appreciated by the participants that stayed for further questions at the end.  

Finally, the Grand Prior of Italy was awarded the Diploma of Black Belt 1st dan.