Following the Chapter General 2008 the reunited Order has in accordance with the Constitution two Grand Masters-Emeriti.
They are given and shall hold this title for life enjoing the dignity of a Grand Master Emeritus.
A Grand Master Emeritus shall have ceremonial precedence in the Order second only to the Grand Master. 


Duke of Seville
H.H. Don Francisco de Borbon y Escasany
5th Duke of Seville and Grandee of Spain
48th Grand Master
Grandmaster Emeritus since September 2008

Don Francisco de Borbon y Escasany, the 5th Duke of Seville was confirmed the 48th Grand Master in 1986 at the Chapter-General held at Oxford, in the United Kingdom. He succeeded to his present title as Duke of Seville after the death of his father, the 4th Duke de Seville.
According to the unanimous decision of the former Paris Obedience to reunite with the Malta Obedience, the Duke of Brissac proposed the Duke of Seville to follow him as the Grandmaster of the reunited Order. Consequently the Chapter General held in Dublin in 2002 agreed to the proposal of the Duke of Brissac.
In the following Chapter General of the Paris Obedience held in Toronto 2004, the Duke of Seville was confirmed by election to be the next Grandmaster of the united Order. It was agreed that the Duke of Brissac would assume the role of Acting Grand Master until the Duke of Seville could be installed by the Spiritual Protector His Beatitude Patriarch Gregory III.
The Duke of Seville, due to personal reasons, announced in January 2008 that he would step down as Grand Master of the Order and would call a Chapter General for later in the same year.
During the Chapter General 2008 in Manchester he stepped down as Grandmaster.
The Chapter General 2008 appointed him in on 12. Sept,ber as Grand Master Emeritus. The Duke of Seville was formally asked to accept the position to which he agreed.

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