The Military and Hospitaller Order of Saint Lazarus of Jerusalem has 44 jurisdictions in 37 countries.


Grand Priory of America

of Belgium

Grand Bailiwick of the Czech Republic

Humanitarian Grand Priory Europe

Grand Bailiwick of Germany

Delegation of Singapore and Indonesia

Delegation of Japan

Priory of  North Macedonia

Grand Priory of New Zealand

Grand Priory of Portugal

Delegation of Siam (Thailand) and Indochina

Grand Priory of Slovakia

Grand Priory of Sweden

Grand Bailiwick of Switzerland 

Grand Priory of Australia

Grand Priory of Brazil

Delegation of Denmark (Sub jurisdiction of Grand Priory of Sweden)

Grand Priory of Finland

Grand Priory of Greece

Grand Priory of Ireland

Priory of Liechtenstein

Delegation of Mexico (Sub jurisdiction of Grand Priory of America)

Priory of Norway

Grand Priory of Romania

Grand Bailiwick of Sicily

Grand Bailiwick of South Africa

Priory of Zimbabwe






Hereditary Commandery of “El Acebuchar”

Hereditary Commandery of Sande

Hereditary Commandery of Fanad

Hereditary Commandery of Sighartstein

Hereditary Commandery of Rurich


International Grand Bailiwick



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