Senior Chaplain Tim Freyer SChLJ was ordained Bishop on January 17, 2017 at St. Columban Catholic Church in Garden Grove, CA.
It was a magnificent ceremony, and the blessing of the Episcopal Insignia the evening before was a spectacular event.  The new Bishop was delighted to be presented with a special mitre.

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His Beatude Patriarch Gregorios III Laham, Spiritual Protector of our Order has addressed his Christmas wishes to all members of the Order. The file is available in certain languages and can be download here.

Dr. György Herdics, honorary abbot, canon, dean, parson and the editor-in-chief of a newspaper called "Remèny" (the Hope), celebrated his Silver Mass at the Antiochian St. Margaret parish church in the town of Bös on the first Sunday of Advent, November 27th.
The Military and Hospitaller Order of Saint Lazarus was represented by Grand Prior Èva Nyáry and Chancellor of Slovakia Albert Sigmond. Bishop Dr. Balázs Bábel delivered the opening speech. After the Mass we gave a toast for his 50th birthday at a castle hotel nearby.

Looking back on a very close and trustworthy cooperation with Lazarus since 1980.
Krakow - Cologne  The Polish Cardinal, Franciszek Macharski died at the beginning of August at the age of 89.  Since the Communist era in 1980, he had been an experienced and valuable advisor to the Humanitarian Grand Priory Europe (GPEU )and its Lazarus Hilfswerk (LHW) during the organization of the Poland Aid Program in over several decades.  He represented the Diocese of Krakow from 1978 to 2005.  On June 30, 1979, he was elevated to the rank of Cardinal by Pope John Paul II.  After the election of Pope John Paul II, Macharski became his successor as the Archbishop of Krakow.  He was one of the outstanding figures of the Polish church. In 2009, he was appointed a Grand Cross Chaplain of the Order of St Lazarus.  The Humanitarian Grand Priory of Europe is thankful for all his assistance on their behalf.

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