We are pleased to share with the Consoeurs and Confrères of our beloved Order this good news concerning the Grand Prior of Italy H.E. Basilio Viola GCLJ Generale Carabinieri (C) already Knight Officer of the Order of Merit of the Italian Republic (appointed decree 27 12 2005 of the President).

Last October 16th, 2020, H.E. Dr Basilio Viola Generale di Brigata (c) Arma dei Carabinieri has been awarded with a lifetime achievement “Premio Culturale Internazionale Cartagine 2.0” by the Accademia Culturale Internazionale Cartagine 2.0.

The Ceremony, in compliance with the Covid rules, has been held in Campidoglio (representative office of the Municipality of Rome), Protomoteca Hall, at the presence of the Civil, Military and Religious Authorities (members of the Othodox Chuch were present).

H.E. Generale Basilio Viola, unable to attend due to the regional limitations imposed by the Covid rules, was able to accept, the plaque and the diploma of recognition, only in January 2022.

Campidoglio, is commonly known as one of the Seven Hills in Rome and contains few ancient ground-level ruins, as they are almost entirely covered up by Medieval and Renaissance buildings (now housing of the Capitoline Museums) that surround a piazza, a significant urban plan designed by Michelangelo.

Among the awarded, we include personalities from the world of culture, entrepreneurship, clergy, scientific research, etc.

Briefly, we reproduce the text of the parchment:

The recognition rewards a flattering career in the Arma of Carabinieri where he has distinguished itself in the severe fight against crime.
A man of another age, humility, accountability, frankness, perseverance and deep sense of duty, make him a bastion of the Arma Carabinieri. Sensitive person in life, rich of true values, who has lavished an important and precious commitment in the process of strengthening democracy, culture, freedom, safety and peace among peoples

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