Saturday September 29, 2019 was a special day for the Order and for Italy as the newest Jurisdiction of the Order was inaugurated in Monreale.  The Ecclesiastical Grand Prior, Archbishop Mgr. Michele Pennisi, presided and the Grand Master Emeritus, HRH the Duke of Seville, installed the new Grand Bailiff,  HE Chev. Pino Zingale. 

The ceremony was preceded by a Vigil the previous evening for the 30 postulants joining the Order.

The Investiture took place in La Chiesa Capitolare Lazzarita del Sancto Cuore after which those present processed to the Cathedral for a Pontifical High Mass at which the Ecclesiastical Grand Prior was the celebrant.  Among the international guests were the Anglican Bishop of Christ the Redeemer, the Apocrisario of the  Spiritual Protector, His Beatitude Patriarch Youssef Absi, Dom Nicola Gaglio, Vicar of the Cathedral, the Grand Commander, HE Chev. Ted White, the Grand Chancellor HE Dame Marny Gilluly and the Grand Marshal HE CW Gilluly, the Grand Prior of Italy, HE General Basilo Veola and the Grand Commander of  the Castello of Malta, HE Chev. Dr Carmel Bonello.

Further details together with the names of the officers of the Grand Bailiwick can be found at

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