On 9 February, the Grand Priory of Sweden celebrated a traditional dinner at the Nobility House of Sweden in Stockholm arranged by the Commandery of St. Erik. The event was hosted by their Commander, Fredrik Johansson. Members from the Commandery also organized a charitable collection among all the attendees.

Representatives from all the Nordic Priories as well as the Danish Delegation attended. Among them were the Grand Prior of Sweden, Jan Salestrand, the Prior of Sweden, John Björklund, the Prior of Norway, Tom Martinsen, the Head of the Danish delegation, Sören Sörensen, the Chancellor of the Grand Priory of Finland, Marja Kyyhkynen, and the Senior Chaplain, Dan Roskvist.

This was the first time the Interim Grand Master had presided over an official event of the Order outside Spain. All the members were deeply honored to have Don Francisco de Borbón Graf von Hardenberg as a guest and took the opportunity to talk to him personally. In his speech, the Interim Grand Master thanked members and guests for the warm welcome. He mentioned the bright future of the Order and the commitment to follow our late Grand Master’s path. He also mentioned the urgent need to improve communications and charitable activities as a traditional hospitaller organization.

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