Péter Szijjártó, Minister of Foreign Trade and Affairs asked Bertalan Farkas, CLJ,  Hungarian cosmonaut and fighter pilot to become his ministerial advisor. This was announced by the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Affairs  with the Hungarian Press Agency. Confr. Bertalan Farkas, CLJ, retired Brigadier general has a large Hungarian and international social network. He can reinforce the Ministery of Foreign  by his popularity among all Hungarians. He shall step up for the enforcement of the economic interests abroad as ministerial counsellor, this way the political and economical situation of our country should get reinforced.

Bertalan Farkas and his wife, Anikó in 1979-ben, in the Stars city Photo: Aleksander Moklacov / RIA Novosty


Bertalan Farkas’s trip to the cosmos happened in 1980 together with Valeri Kubasov, who deceased this year. Consequently he's the only Hungarian Cosmonaut left.

WIKIPEDIA on Confrère Bartalan Farkas, CLJ

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