The Grand Master recently spent a few days visiting the Order's Ecclesiastical Grand Prior, Monsignor Michele Pennisi, EGCLJ Archbishop of Monreale. The Grand Master visited the beautiful Cathedral located outside Palermo in a small town on the slope of Monte Caput. The Cathedral is an astonishing example of the combination of three styles: Norman-French, Byzantine and Arabic. It is famous for its breathtaking inner mosaics which refer to the Old Testament.

Monsignor Michele Pennisi, EGCLJ hosted the Grand Master through the Archbihop's Palace and the Abbey's Cloister, one of the biggest and most impressive cloisters that still exists nowadays. 
The Grand Master travelled to Palermo to meet Archbishop Pennisi and speak about the Spiritual issues concerning the Order as well as to meet the the organizers for the future PIlgrimage due to be held in Monreale in 2017 (as announced by him during the last Pilgrimage in Walsingham). "This will be a great opportunity for our members to see a treasure like Monreale and meet their new Ecclesiastical Grand Prior": he said. The Grand Master also visited hotel facilities and made arrangements towards hosting the future event. 

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