We have the sad duty to inform the Order that our former Grand Prior Chev. Arne Stanislaus Lanestedt GCLJ, GCMLJ, MSBLJ, GMO has passed away at an age of 86.

 Chev. Landestedt played the key role, together with his wife Dame Maria Lanestedt DCLJ, CLLJ, SCrLJ, MSBLJ, in the building and forming of the Swedish Grand Priory. He became member of the Order in 1981 and was Head of the Swedish Delegation that was formed under the Grand Priory of Finland in 1981. When the Grand Priory was founded in 1991 he became Commander of our first Commandery St Hallvard. He was also the editor of Saint Lazarus Newsletter during 1994-2004 and became Grand Prior in 2004 until 2009. Our Order has in every sense lost an honorable and true gentleman and was dedicated to our Order throughout his life. He is mourned by his wife Dame Maria Lanestedt, their three sons and all members of the Swedish Grand Priory. The funeral will be held in Sankt Petri Catholic Church in Trollhättan in August 7 at 1100 pm.

Jan Salestrand, GCLJ Grand Prior of Sweden

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