On 25th July 2014 Monsignor Anthony Toms, Ecclesiastical Grand Cross of our Order will celebrate his Fiftieth Anniversary of his Ordination to the Priesthood in 1964. Looking back over the years, twenty of these years has been spent as a chaplain in the Order. In his national jurisdiction Australia he succeeded Cardinal Pell, as the Order's National Chaplain. Over 10 years he served as Deputy of the international Public Relations Committee and as member of the international Spiritual Advisory Board which recently came under the leadership of the Ecclesiastical Grand Prior Archbishop Pennisi, Abbot from Monreale.

We congratulate Msgr. Toms for his jubilee and hope the Good Lord will give him twenty more.
The parish community Seymour will honor him with a Dinner on Sunday the twenty seventh of July, at which his brothers and sisters will be present. On the twenty eighth of July the Archdiocese of Melbourne will host a celebratory dinner for himself and nine others, of his year, "who have survived".  We are sure many members round the world   will be with him in spirit and heart. Msgr. Toms served for over 20 years in the regular Australian Army.

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