The  International Religious Conference 2014, held on May 12-13 2014, was organized by the “Aid to the Church in Need Malta”.

Our Spiritual Protector H.B. Patriarch Gregorios III and the Grand Prior of Malta Chev. Prof. Dr. Charles Savona-Ventura, KCLJ

The aim of the conference was to put the current situations in the Middle East and Africa under the microscope, because which is happening there directly threatens Christianity’s survival in these regions. Addressed by various keynote speakers with hands-on experience of living and working in these war-torn countries, the conference proved to be both stimulating and often challenging.

One keynote speaker was H.B. Melkite Patriarch Gregorios III, the Spiritual Protector of the Military & Hospitaller Order of Saint Lazarus of Jerusalem. He gave a very enthusiastic resume of the Syrian conflict and the effects this has had on the Christian community there giving staggering statistics of murdered and displaced co-religionists. He further described the role of the Melkite Church during the war but further shared his vision of how the Melkite Church can not only serve to promote peace but also how it can contribute in the post-conflict rebuilding of the Christian community with Syria.

The Patriarch called on everyone to join him in praying for “the cessation of all acts of violence, destruction and war.”

“Jesus our Lord is Prince of peace,” he said. “We implore him to hear our prayers, respond to our cries of distress and the suffering of the victims, and grant us the great gift of peace!”

All this requires funds and support from developed countries and philanthropic organizations. The Prior of Malta Islands took the chance to attend this international meeting and wrote a summarizing report and published an Emergency Appeal for Syria.


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