The Priory of Belgium had the pleasure to organize a Social Event & Postulant day on Juni 29. The event started with a official welcome by the mayor of the historic city of Spa, famous from the Formula I racetrack (Spa-Francorchamps) and their famous cold springs (frequented as a watering-place since the 14th Century). After this warm welcome the whole delegation went to the Saint-Remacle Church where they were welcomed by the Roman-Catholic Bishop of Liège, Monseigneur Jean-Pierre Delville. Lunch was served at the 'Source de la Géronstère' and here our Prior, Chev. Olivier Y.J.N. Collin, KCLJ explained again the importance of attracting new 'young' members who really want to invest time in the Order. The day ended with a guided visit of the City of Spa. The collections made at the event will be donated to several Charity projects of the Priory.

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