Governor David Ige, recognized January is a significant month for Kalaupapa. This Senate Bill is also in honor of the community and its contributions to Hawaii's history.

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On October 17th, a few members of the Grand Priory of Italy OMOSLJ attended the twenty-fifth anniversary of religious profession of the Franciscan nuns at the Basilica Madre del Buon Consiglio in Capodimonte, Naples. Also present were: Monsignor Domenico Battaglia, Metropolitan Archbishop of Naples, Don Nicola, Parish Priest of the Basilica of Capodimonte, Mother General of the Franciscan nuns of the Sacred Hearts, Sister Pasqualina Galatà, Sister Divina Superior FBF of San Colombano al Lambro and Sister Josni Superior of Carinaro Naples.

On September 4th, a Delegation of the Grand Priory of Italy OMOSLJ took part in the 5th Centenary of the Incoronation of Our Lady of Oropa. The event, which is repeated every 100 years, is strongly felt by the faithful who turn to the Virgin with their prayers. The ceremony took place at the Marian Sanctuary of Oropa (Biella,) where the Bishop of Biella, H.E. Msgr. Roberto Farinella, in the presence of civil and religious authorities celebrated the Holy Mass. At the end of the service, H.E. thanked the Delegation of the Grand Priory of Italy for its participation and presence, sealing the moment with a memorial photo.

While Australia has been relatively fortunate in dealing with the global pandemic of 2020, one of the less desirable outcomes was the need to postpone the 2020 National Chapter owing to the COVID-19 virus travel restrictions. Almost exactly 12 months later, this meeting was again organised by the Victorian Commandery amid continuing significant constraints relating to the number of members who may attend a particular event. This had ramifications for the choice of a central venue hotel and transport arrangements. No social events, other than two dinners were able to be organised, nor any local sightseeing trips. Only the meetings necessary for the ongoing function of the jurisdiction, the Vigil Service and the Investiture were possible on this occasion.

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