The Commander of Győr led a sucessful advent collection in support of the families and organizations in need belonging to the churches of Győr Episcopate. 

Commander  Béla Kulcsár KLJ, together with members of the Order  handed  the donations over to the dwellers of the homeless house of Győr.

The Grand Priory Hungary has participated  again on the Bamako Rally.  Their Children Mission: bring school supplies, camping equipments, cloths, sweets-chocolates, etc. to orphanages and young pupils in Gambia.The itinerary is Morocco - Mauritania - Senegal - Gambia.  Zsolt Udvari, OLJ and the postulants Ferdinánd Petrov and Viktor Matók,  travelled by Lada car, furnished with the logo of the Lazarus-Children Mission.

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The Grand Priory of Hungary once again promoted the Hungarian Lazarus Child Mission.

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Equal Partners Foundation

Equal Partners Foundation is a parent-run, non profit organisation providing individualised support programmes to children and adults with disabilities and/or learning difficulties.


Emergency Fire & Rescue Unit (EFRU)

The Emergency Fire & Rescue Unit (EFRU) is a national non-profit making voluntary organization, which is set up primarily to provide emergency rescue services as a backup to the constituted authorities in case of national catastrophes. Funds were raised towards purchase of a First response vehicle. EFRU also provide first aid courses to the public. Hospitaller Chev. J. Debono and Secretary of the Order of Charity Chev J Galea were instrumental in the National recognition and Accreditation of this course.

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