The recent catastrophic flooding in West Germany affected various areas, causing widespread disruption and many deaths and injuries.

On Thursday July 15th, the Lazarus Haus Wuppertal was hit with full force by the storm. The Wupper overflowed its banks and flooded the cellars. The electricity in the house went out, the ground floor had to be cleared and preparations had to be made for another impending tidal wave. The fire brigade and the Technisches Hilfwerk (THW) helped with sandbags and emptied the cellar. The electricians went out of their way to restore power.

Due to the constant inflow of water and the planned end of the THW's mission at 10:00 p.m., evacuation was imminent, as Lazarus could not procure its own bilge pumps at that time. The crisis team in Wuppertal began to prepare an evacuation plan for the house, which is occupied by 120 seniors and sick people.

In this crisis situation, the Federal Managing Director of the Lazarus Relief Organization (LHW) Dierk Sutter asked the former LHW President Chevalier Klaus-Peter Pokolm from the Order of Saint Lazarus (GPEU) for support. Chevalier Pokolm dealt with the control centre for the management and the local THW representative in Wuppertal on site. He asked the THW to continue using their pumps overnight. Lazarus provided the THW helpers with food and sleeping facilities on site.

As a result, residents and employees were never endangered, and everyone is doing well and being cared for by employees and volunteers. Many thanks to the fire brigade, the technical relief organization, the employees and all volunteers and the entire team in the Lazarus House.

The next day the water level in the Wupper sank slowly but steadily – and the Lazarus Haus Wuppertal is now well prepared for the future, with its own pumps!

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