A new project called Child Sponsorship for Syria has been established in the Czech jurisdiction, by the NGO called The Community of Helpers of the Order of St. Lazarus. It is chaired by Mgr. Richard Andrle Sylor, MBA, KLJ-J, who is also Chancellor of the Grand Bailiwick of the Czech Republic. This ADOPCE SYRIE project was established in the first half of 2019 and its essence is remote adoption.

The project is run in cooperation with employees of the Syrian Embassy in Prague, namely Ing. Samir Masad, who is also a member of the Order of St. Lazarus of Jerusalem and the Syrian Ambassador in Prague which fully supports the initiative. The aim of this project is to help Christian orphanages in Damascus and Mallula, with the aid of St. Paul, St. Panthaleon, St. Gregory and St. Tekly.

The support can take the form of a direct donation without a link to a particular child or sponsorship of a particular child. The orphanage then receives pensions for the operation expenses and selected children who have adoptive parents get money for their development.

This year, $ 2,000 has already been delivered to Syria, and additional money will be delivered at the end of 2019. The money is used by orphanages primarily to meet basic human needs, such as food, drink, clothing and hygiene. At present, it also helps to support education, as is common with other child sponsorships.

If you would like to know more, you can visit www.adopcesyrie.cz - there is a Google translate button on the page.

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