Man is not equal to his sins - according to Gabor Roszik SChLJ, the Protestant pastor of the Military and Hospitaller Order of Saint Lazarus, president of the Hungarian Prison Fraternal Society.

At  a conference and a general assembly in the salon of the office of the Hungarian reformed church, he stated:
" The goal of the mission is to preach the gospel, the testimony of Jesus. The job that is being carried out by missionaries and prison pastors is a duty. "

The Angel-tree programme gives a helping hand to children whose parents are convicts or ex-convicts. Under the aegis of this programme our organization can provide gifts for children whose parents are in prison.

" This is one of the most important ways in which we can help endangered children and families." he says.
Pertaining to the service of Prison parsons, missionaries and volunteers, Gabor Roszik said that " the aim of the prison mission is to preach the gospel, the testimony of Jesus Christ, to deliver the message that there is still a way for them to return into society by stepping onto the path of Jesus.”

"The mission organized an eight-day camping trip for the children and they have stayed  in touch with each other ever since. We are all aware of the fact that children are the victims of their parents` sins so that there is a huge need to take care of them. During the camp and ever since we have been paying great attention to healing of the children's souls " Marton Magyar, the managing director of the Hungarian Prison Fellowship said.

By the work of our missionaries, by mercy and hope, our society will be stronger.

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