On March 12 2014, The Esther Foundation (Paramaribo, Suriname) has received a donation from the Priory of Belgium. It consisted of several beds and a photo camera. The donation was presented by the Hospitaller of the Commandery St.-Damian, Chev. Dr. Freddy Hamerlinck, KCLJ, after preparations where made last year in Paramaribo by our Prior, Chev. Olivier Y.J.N Collin, KCLJ and Chev. Dr. Freddy Hamerlinck, KCLJ. 
The beds can be put in different positions. Head nurse Lygia Medar says the beds were absolutely needed. "We already had some, but they were old, worn and no longer functioned optimally," she says. 
The beds each have a value of thousand Euro. Head nurse Lygia Medar is convinced that the beds will be extremely beneficial. With the camera, nurses can take photos of wounds of the patient. These pictures can then send to Chev. Dr. Freddy Hamerlinck, KCLJ. As he's a dermatologist, specialized in anter alia Lepracy, he will then assess how these wounds should be treated.
The Esther Foundation (Paramaribo, Suriname)'s main goal is to give medical and social help to people who got disabled due to leprosy.
An press-article of the transfer of the beds can be found HERE (in Dutch).

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