Since 2020, the GPEU has been active in the field of Ukraine Aid. In 2021, approx. 65 square metres of relief supplies in the form of care beds, wheelchairs, walking aids, mattresses, bed linen, children's clothing and men's clothing were handed over to Ukraine-Hilfe Lobetal, a non-profit organisation that has been delivering relief supplies to Ukraine for more than 28 years.

Despite the outbreak of war, aid shipments continue to reach Ukraine, including the east. The number of transports has even increased. Before the war, a truck was dispatched every 1-2 weeks. Since the beginning of the war, one lorry a day has been loaded by Ukraine-Hilfe Lobetal with aid for Ukraine and sent on its way.

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Our Grand Bailiwick of the Czech Republic has organized a humanitarian fundraising effort for Ukraine. One hundred percent of the proceeds will be used for refugees and for the purchase of humanitarian material. The first delivery of humanitarian material was sent on behalf of our Order on Sunday, February 27. Other deliveries will be organized as funds become available.

We ask that your jurisdiction help our members of the Order and others from Ukraine. They desperately need our help. Please circulate this information to your members and friends, and post the information on your media facilities [FaceBook, Twitter, etc.].

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During this month, the collaboration between the Grand Priory of Italy OMOSLJ, the Judo Club Syonen Dan Association of Milan and the Judo Club Stade Association of Lausanne has made it possible to collect judogi and belts (sportswear) which will be distributed, through the champion Miss Vanessa Mballa, to the Associazione Raggio d'Africa (Rayon d'Afrique) to then be distributed to the various judo clubs in Cameroon, bringing children and young people closer to this sport, snatching them from the streets and opening up new horizons of life.

The recent catastrophic flooding in West Germany affected various areas, causing widespread disruption and many deaths and injuries.

On Thursday July 15th, the Lazarus Haus Wuppertal was hit with full force by the storm. The Wupper overflowed its banks and flooded the cellars. The electricity in the house went out, the ground floor had to be cleared and preparations had to be made for another impending tidal wave. The fire brigade and the Technisches Hilfwerk (THW) helped with sandbags and emptied the cellar. The electricians went out of their way to restore power.

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