Dear Confreres and Sisters in MHOSLJ,

I am the General of the Carabinieri (c) Basilio VIOLA, Grand Prior of Italy of the MHOSLJ-GCLJ and I am going to inform you with
this e-mail of mine on what is happening in my beloved country.

The "CORONA VIRUS" must not be underestimated in any way since it is particularly LETHAL and difficult to fight.

It is extremely volatile and with an extraordinary contagion capacity.

1) It is not enough to wash your hands for a long time;
2) It is not enough not to attend a group of people;
3) It is not enough to use the Mask, with CE certification;
4) It is not enough not to give yourself "the hand" anymore:
5) It is not enough not to embrace each other;
6) It is not enough to be one meter away from another person.

The only way to try to contain and NOT spread the VIRUS is"STAY HOME", and pray to our patron San Lazzaro for himintercede for us.

I end with a brother and affectionate greeting, hoping to see you again soon all together.

With sincere friendship and esteem.

Gen. Carabinieri (c) Basilio dr. VIOLA

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