In a period of fear and insecurity for the future and of isolation and suspicion towards others, on the feast of the Epiphany, we are invited to come together on a journey towards a common goal that gives meaning to our life. In several poems, from the Odyssey to the Divine Comedy, the literary image of the journey has been used to describe the human adventure as a journey in search of something that gives security and peace.

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Dear brothers and sisters,

This past year we have suffered contradictory feelings such as discouragement and hope. It has been a particular difficult year, full of affliction due to the spread of the coronavirus, which we considered more as a hostile intruder than a welcomed guest; a year that imposed a mask on our face, but dropped many other masks - false security, the myth of infallible progress, the idea of ​​being sheltered from great storms.

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We are pleased to announce that the official Facebook page for the Order of St Lazarus has been re-activated. Over 300 members of the Order are already part of the group, but all members are encouraged to apply to join.

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In conjunction with the Ecclesiastical Grand Prior and the Grand Chancellor, we have put together an extra newsletter of prayers, thoughts and practical advice, which we hope members will find helpful.

It can be found in the download area here.

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