Chev. Prof. Dr. ir. Dr. h.c. Marcel Van de Voorde, KLJ launched his new book :

Nanotechnology in a nutshell

A new high-level book for professionals from Atlantis Press providing an overview of nanotechnologies now and their applications in a broad variety of fields, including information and communication technologies, environmental sciences and engineering, societal life, and medicine, with provision of customized treatments.

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Bendern / Rome. - Pope Francis has given the widely known and highly esteemed Henning Freiherr von Vogelsang, KLJ  in the Priory of Liechtenstein , residing in the parish Bendern, the award "Pro Ecclesia et Pontifice" (For Church and Pope). 

Pastor Roland Casutt had the joyous task given to the honoree the appropriate certificate and d the papal insignia.

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The Grand Priory of America has the honor to present the latest book written by late Father Dr. Val McInnes, EGCLJ, "Choose the Light".

Val’s Amorial Plate:  In Scottisch tradition, Fr. Val’s motto: „Facere Omnia Nova“. (Makaing all things in Christ ) is emblazoned above his coat of arms, which combines symbols of his priesthood, heritage, and the Order of St. Lazarus.

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