We handed over a relief supply to "Autumn Sunshine Social Institution of  Bácsborsód and  the inhabitants in need of the village Bácsborsód on July 31, 2014.
Following former inspection on site and careful preparations, we delivered on  July 31, 2014 furniture, bed linen and cloths by an approx. 5 tonnes-truck for the inhabitants in need of the settlement Bácsborsód and the social institution „Autumn Sunshine”.  The donations were received by the mayor of the settlement,  László Csomor and the director of the  social institution.
The social institution takes care of 320 ill people in three sections: The first section is the Home of care needing elder people, the second section is the Home of care for addicted people and the third section is the Home of care for handicapped persons.
The director of the Institution presented us the three sections of the institution, afterwards we held a short prayer in the Chapel of the main building named „Christ’s heart”.
Countess Éva Nyáry - Grand Prior of Hungary

Humanitarian Grand Priory of Europe
A perfect combination of the LHW:  from nursery school and elder care

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A letter was edited today by the Grand Commander and the Grand Hospitaller concerning the International Project of our Order. This letter can be downloaded by our members.

The letter was to thank all people involved in the project study and  the financing plan and to ask solidarity to all members of our Order to support this International project.

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