Bamako Rally for the Children in Gambia

The Grand Priory Hungary has participated  again on the Bamako Rally.  Their Children Mission: bring school supplies, camping equipments, cloths, sweets-chocolates, etc. to orphanages and young pupils in Gambia.The itinerary is Morocco - Mauritania - Senegal - Gambia.  Zsolt Udvari, OLJ and the postulants Ferdinánd Petrov and Viktor Matók,  travelled by Lada car, furnished with the logo of the Lazarus-Children Mission.

The Lazarus-Car had start number 103.

 The European part of the race streched from Hungary to Italy. The convoy with hundreds of participants approached the African continent by ferry. There, from Morocco, the starting point, the itinerary headed south, among the world's poorest countries. After leaving Mauritania and Senegal – Gambia. 

Besides the expected heavy and adverse weather conditions (-10˚C →+40˚C) and topography (snow→desert), concerns had also be raised due to the recently characteristic attacks, which might hinder the donations from being delivered to the destination and threathen the physical security of volunteers.

 The vehicle of the Hungarian Grand Priory (Lada 2101) did  a nearly 8000km route there and back and then, decorated with the signatures collected during the Rally,was up for auction. The funds raised from the auction will also serve for charitable purposes.

The Hungarian Child Mission arrived in Gambia and distributed all their donations in schools and orphanages. The donations were given in two preselected locations. The first location was Kaye BouBou, in Senegal (N14 14.601 W14 51.439)  and the second was Brikama, on the West Coast Region in Gambia. Here the school district chief assisted in handing out the donations, which included toys, clothes, educational tools and other gifts. The team returned to Hungary on February 15th 2014.

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